About me

I’m Tiana, a serial blogger, digital enthusiast, and tech-savvy millennial mom of two lovely kids born in 2016 and 2020.

I’m a working mom juggling a job in tech and family chores.

I love historical movies, buying handmade stuff, and traveling by car with my family.

My passion and profession is marketing for tech, and I help grow software products. Having strong expertise in digital marketing (mainly but not limited to content marketing and SEO), combined with some skills in product management, I plan product development roadmaps, build awesome web pages, launch marketing campaigns, and lead content creation.

This blog is a pet project that helps me get even more experience with content, social media, SEO, and also releases my passion for publishing.

I’ve started BecomingMamas.com to share my experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting while also utilizing my talent in information processing and my professional experience in SEO and content marketing.

The idea that inspires me is that I can make an impact on women experiencing the joys and challenges of motherhood and help them find answers to some of the many questions that come with being a mom.

I want to be someone who gives the best and most entire answers to many questions for moms-to-be related to pregnancy and preparing for a baby, someone who shares tips on positive, gentle, conscious parenting and inspires babywearing and breastfeeding till toddlerhood.

And though I do not always know the best answer in advance, I love the process of finding and testing the best moms’ hacks and parenting tips and processing a lot of information on my way. And then share the outcomes with you. That’s what drives my efforts with BecomingMamas.com forward.