Babywearing Tips

I love staying active, but I’m no gym enthusiast. Hiking, cycling, and kayaking are more my style. My husband and I shared this passion before our first baby came along.

After our little princess was born, we craved the freedom to explore nature together. We wanted to walk in the forest, hike the trails, and continue our adventures.

That’s when we discovered babywearing. We started with a baby wrap and later switched to a structured carrier. It was a game-changer! Our baby girl joined us on every adventure, snuggled against our chests.

When our second child arrived, it became even more convenient. I could care for our toddler with the baby in my arms, thanks to baby wraps and carriers. They quickly became my favorites again! My babywearing arsenal became wider, with toddler carriers and newborn carriers, and I tried various brands.

It became easy for me to expertly recommend how to choose a baby carrier to my friends, freshly baked parents, and show how to wear a baby wrap the right (the most ergonomic) way, and teach a few babywearing safety tips.

Overall, babywearing has given us the freedom to explore and make cherished memories together.

I’m a big fan of babywearing, and I love promoting these helpful fabric devices and sharing ideas on how to use them best through my blog.

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