How to Use a Ring Sling with a Newborn: 6 Best Videos That Will Make You a Pro (2024)

One of the most common struggles for new moms and dads is finding the best way to carry and soothe their newborn while also being able to move around and get things done. This is where a ring sling can come to the rescue.

Ring slings are a popular and versatile babywearing option that can be a lifesaver for parents of newborns. Feel free to explore my blog and check out the most comprehensive guide on babywearing, and an overview of the best baby carriers for newborns.

Using a ring sling effectively can sometimes be a bit tricky for first-timers.

Thankfully, there are numerous instructional videos available online that can help parents become pros at using a ring sling with their newborn.

In this article, we will explore the six best instructional videos that can teach you how to use a ring sling with a newborn.

These videos will cover everything from how to adjust the sling for a perfect fit to different carrying positions that are safe and comfortable for both you and your baby.

So, if you’re a new parent looking to master the art of babywearing with a ring sling, these videos are a must-watch!

1. How To Use A Ring Sling With An Infant

This video comes from With Care (Babywearing Educator, Registered Midwife & Mom of 4). The video features Potter & Pehar’s “Elora” Ring Sling.

2. How to use a Ring Sling with a Newborn

This video is by a Certified Babywearing Consultant WrappingRachel. It demonstrates the steps to wear the sling, position the baby, adjust for a proper fit, facilitate nursing, and ensure a secure carry. Additionally, it offers advice on prepping the sling, adjusting, and ensuring a snug seat before placing the baby in.

3. How to Ring Sling your newborn

It’s a cute video by Kyte Baby, an independent small business producing ring slings.

4. How To Use A Ring Sling For A Newborn | Extra Head Support | Taking Baby Out – Oscha Slings

This video will show you how to tighten a ring sling for a newborn and some options to provide extra head support. Video by Oscha Slings, baby wraps, ring slings & baby and toddler carriers brand.

5. How to wear a newborn in a ring sling

Great video tutorial illustrating the usage of a ring sling with an infant. The tutorial demonstrates two positions: one with the baby facing the parent’s tummy with legs tucked in, and the other with legs out. Additionally, you are guided through creating neck support for your baby’s head.

6. How to wear a Ring Sling – Front Carry Position – Baby Tula Ring Sling

Utilizing a Tula Ring Sling in the forward-carry position suitable for infants weighing from 8 to 35 lbs.


How can I use a ring sling with a newborn?

To use a ring sling with a newborn, ensure that the fabric is spread across your shoulder and back to evenly distribute the weight. Adjust the fabric so it forms a pouch for your newborn and keep them close to your body for skin-to-skin contact.

What are the benefits of using a ring sling for a newborn?

Using a ring sling allows you to keep your newborn close while being able to use your hands freely. It also promotes skin-to-skin contact and provides a gentle and secure environment for your infant.

Can I use a ring sling for older babies as well?

Yes, ring slings can be used for older babies as well, up to around 35 pounds. The versatility of the ring sling allows for different carrying positions that can accommodate infants to toddlers.

How do I position my newborn in a ring sling?

To position your newborn in a ring sling, ensure that their legs are in a natural M-shaped position. Use the fabric pocket of the ring sling to provide proper support to your newborn’s body.

What are some safety tips for using a ring sling with a newborn?

When using a ring sling with a newborn, always ensure that the fabric is properly spread across your shoulder and back, and the sling is always tightened securely. Additionally, make sure to undergo a thorough check of the ring sling before placing your newborn in it. Also, remember that not all ring styles are safe for babies under four months.

Are there any specific adjustments to make when using a ring sling with a newborn?

When using a ring sling with a newborn, it is crucial to ensure that the sling is properly tightened to provide a secure and snug fit for your newborn.

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