Pregnancy Tips

I had my first child at 29. I was already a mature and serious young woman with 8 years career in tech who knows what she wants. And I tried to do everything perfectly. I wanted to. Throughout my pregnancy, especially in the beginning, I diligently tried to follow the advice on how to organize your pregnancy I found in books, YouTube videos, blogs, and from friends who were already parents. Some of my friends were onto their third child, and I admired their routines. Everything seemed so easy from an external perspective. 🙂

However, my pregnancy turned out to be quite different from what I had expected. I experienced severe nausea, losing a significant amount of weight (I wasn’t eating at all due to vomiting), and needing hospital care. Though I didn’t have a third trimester nausea during the third trimester, the stress related to changing apartments took a toll on me, and I felt like a very exhausted pregnant woman. I had to give up my pool exercises, and my mental health suffered.

My first pregnancy wasn’t as smooth as I had planned. I wasn’t physically active during the entire third trimester, indulged in junk food like Cheetos, and gained excess weight.

My second pregnancy was much smoother and healthier because I knew what to expect, how to behave, and how to make better choices and prepare your body better. I just made choices that wouldn’t bring me into situations when I was stressed.

I want to share what I’ve learned about pregnancy and its various aspects to help others on their journey. I’ll share healthy meals, great coffee drinks alternatives, tell you about my favorite maternity clothes brands. Stay tuned!

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