Life With Toddler

Life with a toddler at home is like being on a roller coaster that never stops, especially when you’re trying to juggle work, sports, self-improvement, and your roles as both a mom and a wife.

Every day, I’m looking for ways how to be a better mom while keeping up with the endless energy of my kid.

First off, toddlers are like tiny bosses with unpredictable moods. One minute, they love the spaghetti you made, and the next, it’s flying through the air like it’s trying to escape the plate.

My intent to find the perfect toddler boy haircut quite often ends up with a style that does not require frequent visits to the gentlest barber in the neighborhood for another meltdown.

Trying to work from home? Good luck! It’s like your toddler has a radar for the exact moment you sit down to send an important email. Suddenly, it’s showtime, and they need your undivided attention, leading to you typing with one hand and resolving a toy crisis with the other.

In these moments, I dream of us wearing mom and son matching outfits, looking like those perfect Disney moms you see on TV, all while I’m secretly wearing my soccer mom outfits because let’s face it, comfort is key when chasing around a mini tornado.

Then, there’s the challenge of keeping the house in some sort of order. It’s like living in a tiny, toy-filled maze. You think you’ve cleaned up, but turn your back for a second, and it’s as if a toy explosion has occurred. And let’s not even talk about stepping on a Lego piece. It’s a pain like no other!

Trying to squeeze in some exercise or sports? It’s possible but be prepared for your toddler to turn your yoga mat into a nap zone or decide that they too need to ‘exercise’ right under your feet.

As for self-development, it often means reading a self-help book with constant interruptions, leading to you reading the same sentence at least five times, or sneaking in a podcast while doing laundry and cooking, hoping to absorb some wisdom amidst the chaos.

And amidst all this, you’re still trying to be a supportive wife, finding those rare moments for quality time, which now might just mean both of you collapsing on the couch, watching a show you’ve both seen a hundred times because deciding on something new is just too much work.

And let’s not forget the post-vaccination cuddles, where I’m armed with all the tricks to reduce pain after vaccination, from cold compresses to extra snuggles, making sure my little one feels safe and loved.

But despite the chaos, the mess, and the constant juggling, there are those moments of pure joy and hilarity. Like when your toddler decides to ‘help’ with work by adding their own doodles to your report, or when they mispronounce words in the most adorable way, inventing new baby puns, turning a regular conversation into a comedy show.

These moments, these little sparks of laughter and love, make all the challenges worth it.

Because at the end of the day, even the busiest mom knows that this wild, toddler-filled ride is the best one she’s ever been on.

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