Breastfeeding Tips

When I was preparing to become a mother, I attended childbirth preparation lectures and read a lot on the internet, including information about breastfeeding.

By the time my little one was born, I thought I knew more about breastfeeding than some nursing mothers. Only later did I realize that a woman who has never breastfed cannot know more than a woman who has that experience.

There were things related to breastfeeding that I only learned by actually going through the process. Nobody told me about them in the lectures, and they were not mentioned in articles, even though the information is quite important and useful, and, in my opinion, deserves the attention of every young mother.

I’m happy to share my experience with moms to be on how to prepare for breasfeeding, why it’s so hard, how to achieve a good latch (even with flat nipples), how to overcome breastfeeding challenges (for example, nurse in public), how to increase your milk supply, what food you shouldn’t eat while breastfeeding, how to feel like you’re still a good mom while swithing to formula, etc.

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