DIY Baby Carrier: A Brief Guide to DIY Babywearing

Guidelines from mom Meredith While there are various types of baby carriers available on the market, you might be interested in creating your own DIY babywearing solution. Here’s a quick rundown of considerations collected from various sources. General … Read more

How to Wear a Baby Wrap

There are a number of ways to use a wrap. Most wrappers will try out a number of carries to find the one that is most comfortable for them (and what is most comfortable may change over time … Read more

Woven Wrap Sizes & How to Choose One for You

Wraps are sized in meters although some brands will also use a numbering system and/or size names. Wraps are most commonly referenced by their Didymos size equivalents: What size wrap do I need? The answer to this question depends … Read more

Tips for Safe Newborn Babywearing

Watch baby’s airway. It’s the number one rule of babywearing and is particularly important for newborns and babies with any sort of breathing issue. This rule applies to any sort of “baby holder” – baby carriers and slings, but … Read more

Best Onbuhimo & Meh Dai Baby Carriers

Meh Dai is a traditional Chinese baby carrier; in its simplest form, a mei dai is a rectangular cloth body with straps coming off of each corner. Modern manufacturers have each developed their own take on this traditional design, … Read more

5 Best Toddler Carriers for Baby Wearing

My baby turns 18 months old tomorrow (sniff!); every day he is more and more “little boy” and less and less “baby.”  Even so, I still “baby”wear almost everyday. The truth is that babywearing is a parenting tool that … Read more