7 Top Rated Breast Milk Storage Bags & Why Moms Have Raved Over These Picks (2024)

Breast milk contains lots of nutrients and antibodies that are beneficial to your baby’s health. Due to these benefits, it’s great to know that your kid can still be ‘breastfed’ in your absence. This is where breast milk storage bags come in.

Your experience with milk storage bags will be determined by the brand you pick. The right one will make your pumping and storage easy, while the wrong one may have you crying over spilled milk.

We’ll show you 7 of the best breast milk storage bags you can store your liquid gold in. This article will touch on their pros and cons, and help you make your choice.

Best Breast Milk Storage Bag Brands

1. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags


👍 Hygienically pre-sealed

👍 Double layer material

👍 Self-standing design

👍 Flat profile

👍 Cheap


👎 Inaccurate size

This is one of the most popular milk storage bag brands in the market. These bags come pre-sealed to prevent contamination in transit and sport a double zipper configuration. This reduces leakages by providing a backup zipper if the first one leaks.

These bags are made from a durable double-layer material, making them stronger and safer from leaks. They have a flat profile, which saves space and also makes them thaw quicker.

However, one common issue with this brand is the inaccurate size. Users have complained that the bags rip when frozen at their maximum capacity, which is 6oz or 180ml.

2. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags


👍 Double zippers and seams

👍 Pump directly into the bag

👍 Pre-sterilized bags

👍 Cheap


👎 Uneven batch quality

This is another of the more recognizable brands out there. They’re affordable and can be found in many of the major outlets, so a lot of mothers use them. Lansinoh milk storage bags come with double zippers and also double-seamed sides for better protection.

They come pre-sterilized to prevent contamination. Plus, if you use the Lansinoh milk pump, you can pump directly into the bag, making the process easier. They also have pour spouts for your convenience.

All these features are great, but Lansinoh seems to suffer from unequal batch quality. Some users have commented on the increased frequency of leaky bags in certain packs.

3. Momcozy Breastmilk Storing Bags


👍 Double zippers and seams

👍 Temperature sensor

👍 Import/export separation


👎 Tricky zipper

Momcozy is a highly-rated milk storage bag brand that is increasing in popularity. It may not be as rampant as Lansinoh or Medela, but the quality is nothing to be sniffed at.

These bags are heavy-duty, with double seams and zippers to prevent leakage. The zippers are large and can be difficult to get closed, but hold fast once they are. The bags lie flat for storage and are self-standing for easy usage.

Momcozy also boasts two unique features. The first is a temperature sensor that indicates when the milk is at the perfect temperature for feeding. The second is the import/export separation design that prevents contamination.

4. Willow Pump Spill-Proof Breast Milk Bags


👍 Highly spill-proof

👍 Self-sealing

👍 No leakage


👎 Expensive

👎 Limited to Willow pumping devices

👎 Small size

This bag is designed to work with the Willow portable pumping machines, so it may not be your choice if you use other devices. That said, the willow milk storage bag is convenient, but it’s priced on the high side.

The bags are spill-proof, allowing for a wide range of movement with pumping. They are self-sealing, so you don’t have to bother with a zipper.

Unfortunately, these bags are designed to be small for in-bra on-the-go pumping, so they only contain 4oz. Plus, you have to cut the bags to open them, so they are non-reusable.

5. Kiinde Twist Milk Storage Bags


👍 Solid build

👍 Threaded cap for leak protection

👍 One bottle for all


👎 Slightly costlier

👎 Awkward storage due to round cap

This multi-purpose bag serves to collect, store, and even dispense milk. You only have to put the nipple on the top, and it becomes a baby bottle. The collection process also requires an adapter, which is sold separately but works on many major brands.

The Kiinde bags have threaded caps, which prevent leaks but make storage a bit tricky. It has a solid material with measurements to aid proper filling. With one bottle for all the processes, these bags lessen the hassle. However, storage will be tricky as the round cap will take up more space than many of the other bags on this list.

6. Haakaa Silicone Milk Storage Bags


👍 Eco-friendly

👍 Cost-effective

👍 Large volume

👍 Sturdy and leak-proof


👎 Slightly costlier

👎 Over-producers may need more than five

If you’re concerned about the environmental consequences of disposing of every bag after use, Haakaa’s silicone milk storage bag might be for you. These 9oz bags are sturdy and made to be reused, so forget about ripping. However, if you’re an overproducer, you may need to buy more.

The leakproof stopper works as intended and isn’t large enough to become a storage nightmare. It doesn’t have a labeling area. Instead, you can use the complimentary paper tags to label your bottles. The Haakaa bags are self-standing, easy to use, and very cost-effective.

7. Spectra Simple Store Milk Collection Bags


👍 Easy collection and storage

👍 Sturdy build and thick material


👎 Expensive

👎 Only one flange

The last entry on our list is the Spectra Simple Store Milk Collection bags. These bags are designed to incorporate the collection and storage of milk into one product. The bags come in a set of ten with one flange that can be connected to your pumping device.

The bags make milk collection easier, and not just for Spectra pumps. They are also of high quality, with a sturdy build and thick material.

However, it seems a bit overpriced for non-reusable bags. In addition, they only ship one flange when two (for each breast, at least) would be better.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the article shows seven great breast milk storage bags that moms have loved. These bags have gained popularity due to their durability, leak-proof features, convenience, and safety measures.

Each option has its unique strengths, catering to the various needs and preferences of breastfeeding moms. They also have their weaknesses, so take note of them before making your purchase.

These top-rated storage bags provide reliable solutions, helping mothers on their breastfeeding journey. If you’re embarking on yours, you can’t go wrong by picking any item on this list. Good luck!

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