25 Adorable Crochet Baby Toys For Boys & Girls – Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Need a perfect baby shower gift or just love crochet toys?

See these 25 cutest crochet baby toys for boys and girls.

These handmade treasures will bring joy to new parents and provide hours of fun for their little owners.

1. Personalized Baby Rattle

These personalized baby rattles are the perfect gift option for a baby shower or welcoming a new baby into the world.

These delightful toys combine the feel of crochet with the beauty of wood to create a wonderful sensory experience for your child while developing their senses.

Each rattle is carefully handcrafted from organic yarn. This ensures they are safe and gentle on a baby’s skin.

2. Personalized Baby Rattle Animals

Celebrate the arrival of your little one with heartwarming personalized baby rattles.

Thoughtfully designed, each rattle features a delightful crochet exterior and a gentle bell inside that produces a pleasant sound with every shake.

Adding a personal touch, you can customize the rattle with your baby’s name, creating a cherished keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

3. Crochet Winnie the Pooh Set

A crochet Winnie the Pooh set includes charming handmade 12 cm toys of Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Each character is crafted with soft yarn and intricate details, bringing the beloved story to life.

As baby shower gifts, these sets offer nostalgia and warmth, appealing to both parents and children.

Ideal for Pooh Bear-themed baby shower decor.

4. Personalized Crochet Bunny Doll

Little kids will love this crochet rabbit toy, making it the perfect and fun companion for cuddling.

As stated, it is a special product, all lines of which are knitted with love in detail. They are very elegant products that will make your loved ones feel special.

It will be a great gift for your loved ones as a newborn gift, newborn welcome set, or baby shower gift.

5. Duck Plushie Sleeping Toy

As a baby shower gift, this plushie offers both practicality and charm, providing a cuddly friend for naptime and bedtime routines.

This toy is suitable for newborns as it made of hypoallergenic and very soft materials.

All details are knitted, there is no plastic eyes or other elements that can be dangerous for kids.

6. Crochet Soft Snuggler Toy Tiger

Are you in search of a unique designed and sleepytime companion that your child will adore?

There’s no need to look any further, as this adorable Crochet Tiger lovey fits the bill perfectly!

It’s great for cuddling at bedtime and provides endless entertainment during the day, making it an ideal gift for any baby or toddler.

7. Bunny Crochet Baby Toy

A crochet bunny is an adorable and cuddly handmade toy, crafted with soft yarn and delicate details.

This bunny is 28 cm tall and he’s the perfect companion for a baby boy.

Made with soft yarn and attention to detail, this delightful companion is sure to become a cherished friend.

Lovingly crafted with skilled hands. All organic and natural. CE and UKCA marked.

8. Adorable Crochet Giraffe

A crochet giraffe is a delightful handmade toy crafted from soft yarn, featuring bright spots and a friendly smile. Its textured surface stimulates a baby’s sense of touch and aids sensory development.

As a baby shower gift, it shows thoughtfulness and care, being made from baby-safe materials. Durable and gentle, it can become a cherished keepsake and a beloved childhood companion.

9. Crochet Penguin Maciek

Penguin Maciek is about 23 cm tall.

A cute penguin in a blue hat with a pompom. The toy has safe eyes. The filling is anti-allergic down.

A crochet penguin is an adorable handmade toy made from soft yarn, characterized by its cute waddle and charming appearance.

This durable and gentle toy can become a treasured keepsake and a beloved companion throughout childhood.

10. Lovely Crochet Unicorn

A crochet unicorn is a magical and whimsical toy, hand-crafted from soft yarn with a colorful mane and horn. Its enchanting design sparks imagination and provides comfort to babies.

As a baby shower gift, it stands out for its uniqueness and creativity, offering something special beyond the usual toys.

Made from baby-safe materials, this durable and gentle unicorn is perfect for snuggles and play.

This one is organic and natural. OEKO-TEX certified.

11. Brave Crochet Lion

A crochet lion is not just a toy but a cherished friend, providing endless hours of entertainment, comfort, and love for the little ones as they grow and explore the world around them.

Its vibrant colors and playful design capture a child’s imagination, encouraging creativity and storytelling from an early age.

12. Original Crochet Dove

Crochet soft cute dove Paul is great to take with you for a walk. It can sit on its own. The cap is removable.

While bunnies and bears are classic choices for baby toys, a crochet dove offers something different and unexpected. Its graceful and elegant appearance sets it apart from more common options, making it a standout gift that’s sure to be remembered.

13. Crochet Super Hero Spiderman

A crochet Spiderman toy allows kids to bring their favorite superhero to life in a unique and tactile way, encouraging storytelling and imaginative adventures.

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, a crochet Spiderman toy has a charming and artisanal quality that sets it apart from mass-produced toys.

14. Crocheted Bluey Characters

Crocheted Bluey characters are delightful handmade toys, capturing the charm of the beloved animated series.

With vibrant colors and intricate details, they bring the show’s playful spirit to life.

As baby shower gifts, they offer a unique and thoughtful touch, appealing to both parents and kids.

Made from baby-safe materials, these durable and gentle toys are perfect for snuggles and imaginative play.

15. Cute Crochet Octopus Toy

Amigurumi octopus would be a perfect gift for someone who has given birth to a premature baby or for your little one who loves the sea!

Specialists have discovered that snuggling up to the cozy tentacles of this crochet octopus helps premies as they grow stronger.

The little fighters are given a flashback to the calming sea of being in their mum’s belly with an umbilical cord to hold onto.

16. Crochet Doll With Accessories

A crochet doll with accessories is a versatile and meaningful gift that offers a blend of playfulness, creativity, and personalization, making it a perfect choice for a baby girl’s gift.

Dressing and undressing the doll and arranging its accessories require fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, helping to develop these important skills in young children.

Unlike plastic dolls that may break or wear out over time, a crochet doll is durable and built to last. Its timeless appeal and handmade quality ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

17. Crochet Play Food Vegetable Set

This colorful and realistic combo of play veggies is a hit with little ones from babies who are into sensory toys and learning their colors, up through preschool age for playing “garden” or “grocery store!”

Made from soft and durable cotton with a fun, grip panel texture and SO much prettier than plastic play food!

18. Cute Crochet Veggies

Play veggies like cabbage, onion, and carrot are excellent toys for babies because they provide rich sensory experiences.

Play veggies offer a fun and positive introduction to healthy foods.

Play veggies can also facilitate social interaction and language development when babies engage in pretend play with parents or siblings.

Such toys foster cognitive development and creativity.

19. Crochet Food Playset

A large set of crochet foods provides a wide range of food items, allowing children to explore different types of foods, textures, and colors.

Crochet food sets can be used as educational tools to teach children about healthy eating, food groups, and meal preparation.

Activities such as sorting, stacking, and serving food enhance dexterity and control of small movements.

20. Safari Crochet Animals

This adorable and cuddly set of Safari Animals, like a Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, and Rhino, are perfect for baby nursery decor or as playful companions for a baby.

Don’t miss out on the chance to add this adorable and handmade crochet stuffed animal to your collection or to gift it to someone special.

21. Animal Cuties Crochet Baby Toys

A set of crocheted animals offers a fun and engaging way for children to learn about animals while promoting cognitive, language, and social development.

As children play with the crocheted animals, they can practice identifying each animal by name.

Playing with crocheted animals helps babies learn new vocabulary words related to animals, such as names of species, body parts, habitats, and behaviors.

22. Miss Anne Shirley

An amazing character from “Anne of Green Gables“. The symbol of friendship and love.

This lovely doll is a wonderful gift and/or addition to collection for the Anne Shirley lovers.

A meaningful decoration for a baby girl nursery. And an adorable toy for Anne lover kids.

“I solemnly swear to be faithful to my bosom friend, as long as the sun and moon shall endure.”
~ Anne Shirley

23. Paris Cool City Girl

This doll’s name is Paris. This is a wearable doll and she has 4 different combinations. It is approx 11 inches high.

You have the option to select a style for the costume + select a body color.

In other words, you design your own doll among multiple options.

The owner of this Etsy store promotes the concept that generic toys and dolls look a bit artificial, and she wants to create a new world of dolls with aesthetic and natural styles.

24. Personalized Family Portrait Dolls

Personalized family portrait dolls are unique handmade toys, crafted to resemble each family member with attention to detail and individuality.

These dolls capture the essence of family, making them very special.

As baby shower gifts, they offer a heartfelt and customized touch, celebrating family bonds.

25. Lovely Green Frogs

Crochet toys aren’t just for kids anymore; they’re the quirky, adorable gifts adults never knew they needed.

One look at these crochet frogs, and bam! Instant mood lift.

Remember those childhood days when your biggest worry was what crayon to use? A crochet toy brings back that nostalgia but with a grown-up twist.

Next time you’re stumped for a gift idea, think crochet toy. It’s cute, it’s quirky, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of faces.

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