The 11 Best Postpartum Outfits for New Moms

Giving birth and leaving pregnancy behind means welcoming your new baby—and new life.

You’re entering a transition period of the fourth trimester riddled with joys and challenges, not only for your lifestyle but also for your body. Naturally, these changes mean that your clothes must fit your body’s needs, which are now vastly different from those before or during pregnancy.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit looking cute or fashionable in favor of a frumpy style.

Heal your body, bond with your baby, and look fabulous while at it with the 11 best postpartum outfits for mommies.

The Key Elements of a Good Postpartum Outfit

Coming home outfits for moms after birth—and the weeks after—should focus on comfort. As such, you have to consider three (3) things beforehand.

First, the fabric. Opt for soft and high-quality fabrics with enough elasticity to change alongside your body. They must be resistant and easy to clean, as nursing and caring for a newborn is notoriously messy.

Next, you have to keep in mind the construction. Ideally, these clothes must be easy to put on and remove. Likewise, they have to make it easy for you to breastfeed or pump anytime and anywhere.

Finally, you must not forget the outfits’ fit. This is a matter of preference—some new mommies prefer to wear airy, roomy clothes, while others opt for compression garments to provide structural support to the lower body.

With these three elements in mind, take a look at the best postpartum outfits you can find online.

1. Nursing Sleepwear

The first new mom outfit you’ll ever need is, of course, the hospital one. While baby clothes will be your priority, do not forget to pack up comfortable loungewear for you.

Thermal pajamas to keep you toasty in the cold maternity might be your best bet but consider your particular needs and preferences.

Styling Tip: Some maternity pajamas and loungewear sets come with matching items for your baby.

2. Nursing Wrapped Robe

After birth, you’ll spend most of your time recovering and bonding with the baby at home. As such, comfort should be your priority—and few items are more essential for comfort than a reliable robe.

Be sure to choose a wrapped robe made in a breathable fabric to make feeding times more manageable, with plenty of pockets to keep baby essentials at hand. But don’t forget to pick something beautiful to make you feel fabulous!

Styling Tip: Wear a postpartum girdle or belly wrap inside your robe if you want more support.

3. Postpartum Unitard

Postpartum unitards are flexible and provide excellent structural support since they are designed to aid your pelvic floor and add extra compression to your lower body without harming it. They are also much easier to put on and remove than other options, making them a fantastic new mom outfit staple.

Styling Tip: Consider layering it with an oversized cardigan for a cozy look.

4. Elastic Waist Bottoms

Can anything be cozier than comfy, roomy lounge pants? They get the job done and, believe it or not, can even be stylish and glamorous.

Your best bet during postpartum is to opt for drawstring pants to ensure you can reshape them alongside your body as it changes. Likewise, choose them with big pockets and made in a high-quality and durable material.

Styling Tip: A nursing tank top and a matching cardigan are a killer combo.

5. Nursing Polo Dress

Polo dresses are a simple way to give your postpartum outfit a classy and well-dressed impression with minimal effort, as they stand at the intersection between comfort and structure.

Specifically, nursing polo dresses feature collared necklines with long button plackets for breastfeeding or pumping. Some of them even feature a leg slit for an extra chic touch.

Styling Tip: Pair the dress with comfortable yet minimalistic sneakers for a bit of that old-money aesthetic.

Ripe Maternity’s Sammy Knit Polo Nursing Dress at Macy’s

Add the Sammy Knit Polo Dress to your wardrobe today and you’ll never have to stress about what to wear. We love how flattering the bodycon silhouette is for any occasion, during pregnancy and beyond.

6. Maternity Jumper

Loose and flowy, a maternity and nursing jumper is always a great coming home outfit for moms after birth.

The best styles to choose from are the ones that are cozy enough to be your default loungewear yet pretty enough to go out and welcome visits—bonus points if they have pockets!

Styling Tip: If you enjoy layering, match it with a Maternity Bralette Bra for a stylish look.

7. Oversized Nursing Sweater

Nursing during the colder months can be challenging if you want to remain cozy and warm. Thankfully, nursing sweaters make this easy. Oversized ones, in particular, can also help you disguise your frame if you’d like while adding extra layers of comfort.

Styling Tip: If the sweater is long or big enough, you can wear it as a dress. If not, you can pair it with leggings.

8. Compression Leggings

Loose and flowy dresses are not for everyone—sometimes, the best postpartum outfit has tight pants that support aching and changing bodies. In that case, compression leggings are your best bet.

Well-designed compression leggings not only flatten your belly but must also support your posture without being uncomfortably tight.

Styling Tip: Pair them with a loose-fitting nursing top to add contrast to your silhouette.

9. Skin to Skin Wrap Tops

Skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is crucial for their health and well-being, not to mention the best way to bond and create everlasting memories.

Luckily, skin-to-skin wrap tops—sometimes called kangaroo tops—have an innovative design that helps you keep your baby close by snuggly securing them against your chest while you hold them.

Styling Tip: Feel free to layer up as you need, but don’t forget that most of these tops do not have the structural support to hold your baby on their own!

10. Flowy Maxi Dress

Flowy, breezy dresses are a long-time favorite new mom outfit for good reason.

They are cute, comfortable, and one of the few items you can buy that isn’t exclusively a postpartum item. This means that nearly any flowy maxi dress works as long as it has a low neckline or a button-down front.

Styling Tip: You can accessorize the dress with a belt for a more form-fitting silhouette.

11. Maternity Denim Overalls

Maternity denim overalls have been a staple in the maternity wardrobe of celebrities such as Olivia Wilde or Mila Kunis for years, no in small part thanks to their comfort, versatility, and general cuteness. But few know it’s just as fabulous during the postpartum period for the same reasons.

Styling Tip: Match with a form-fitting nursing top for a slimming effect or a loose t-shirt for an airy and relaxed atmosphere.

Did You Find The Best Postpartum Outfits For You?

The weeks following childbirth can be both exhausting and beautiful, and being a new mom is as rewarding as it is challenging. However, your clothes don’t have to be part of the problem when they can become a solution.

Investing time, money, and effort into the perfect new mom outfit is not a shallow ordeal. Clothes that complement your body, lifestyle, and goals can make a difference and help you look and feel your best as you nurture a new life and begin a new journey that lasts a lifetime.

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