Top 15 Websites Where to Buy Cloth Diapers in 2024

Every mom practicing reusable diapers has her favorite store for buying cloth diapers, inserts, and other eco-friendly diapering accessories. But if you’re just starting out and don’t know much about cloth diapering brands yet, figuring out where to begin is your first important step to move forward.

With the rise in the popularity of cloth diapers, the market for these products has also expanded, offering a wide variety of styles, materials, and designs from which to choose.

For new moms who are on the vibe of sustainable living and parents looking to make the switch to cloth diapering in 2024, I’ve made a guide on where to buy cloth diapers.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer modern cloth diapering systems or more traditional prefold diapers and flats. I recommend you look at these top 15 websites with great choices for parents seeking the best cloth diapers for their babies.

1. Cotton Babies

Cotton Babies is a company specializing in cloth diapers and baby care products. Founded by Jennifer Labit in 2002, the brand has gained popularity for its innovative cloth diapering systems, providing eco-friendly and sustainable options for parents.

Cotton Babies offers various types of cloth diapers such as pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, prefolds, and diaper covers. They also provide accessories: inserts, liners, wet bags, and diaper pails, essential for a complete cloth diapering system.

The company is known for its signature product, the BumGenius line of cloth diapers, which is recognized for its quality, ease of use, and durability. BumGenius diapers come in different designs to cater to different style preferences.

Apart from diapers, Cotton Babies offers products like baby carriers, breastfeeding supplies, natural skincare items, and more.

2. is truly the best value in cloth diapers. It’s a true mastodon in the niche working since 1997.

Home of the OsoCozy line of cloth diapers, offers just about everything parents need for cloth diapering: diaper covers, burp cloths, training pants, diaper pins, Snappi fasteners, and much more.

While you can get OsoCozy flats and prefolds at numerous retailers, is the actual originator of the OsoCozy cloth diaper. Also, if you’re lucky enough to live in Utah, you can visit their brick-and-mortar store in Sandy, UT. also provides products from various high-quality brands (Thirsties, Gerber, Planet Wise, and Buttons), giving customers a range of options to choose from.

The store has great prefold and flat diaper package deals. Bulk discounts are really tangible, you can buy products at close to wholesale prices.

For example, the “all the diapers your baby will need” option is really worth it on Let’s say you want to shop for cloth diapers your baby will need up to 18 lbs, and you don’t want to wash too often. That package sells for nearly $500. If the items were purchased separately, the cost would be about $750.

Moms say that the store pricing is fair, the shop works really fast (they have 1 Business Day Commitment), and overall they are an honest company that stands by their word.

3. Amazon

The #1 marketplace Amazon offers a wide variety of cloth diapers for purchase on their platform. They have an extensive selection of cloth diaper brands, styles, and complementary items for parent’s choices.

On Amazon, you can find all possible options for cloth diapering you may need: pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, diaper covers, prefolds, cloth diaper inserts, liners, wet bags, and more.

Actually, many popular cloth diaper brands are available for purchase on Amazon.

To name a few:

The main advantage of buying on Amazon is that it provides a convenient platform for browsing and comparing different options and brands, reading customer reviews, and making purchases from the comfort of your home, and get your order delivered really fast.

4. Target

Target typically offers a selection of cloth diapers both in their physical stores and through their online platform. They carry various brands and types of cloth diapers, including cloth diaper covers, all-in-one diapers, pocket diapers, prefolds, and accessories such as inserts, liners, and wet bags.

Target’s selection might vary depending on the specific store location and their online inventory. Some popular cloth diaper brands that have been available at Target include Kanga Care, Thirsties, Gerber, Charlie Banana, Esembly.

5. Walmart

Walmart’s widespread presence and online platform provide convenience, allowing you to purchase cloth diapers alongside other baby essentials during your regular shopping trips or online orders.

Walmart offers competitive pricing, discounts, or deals on cloth diapers, making them a cost-effective option for parents interested in cloth diapering without breaking the bank.

Walmart typically carries a range of cloth diaper brands, styles, and additional stuff, giving parents some options to choose from. They have OsoCozy, Gerber, Wegreeco, Charlie Banana, etc.

However, some specialty or niche brands might not be available at Walmart compared to dedicated online cloth diaper stores or online retailers that focus solely on cloth diapering products.

6. Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana is a well-known brand offering eco-friendly and stylish cloth diapers. Established by Gaëlle Wizenberg, Charlie Banana emphasizes sustainability, comfort, and functionality in its diapering systems.

The company provides a variety of cloth diaper options, including one-size and sized diapers, hybrid diapers, and swim diapers. Their one-size diapers are adjustable and designed to fit babies as they grow, often featuring snaps or elastic adjustments for a customizable fit. Charlie Banana also offers a range of colorful and fun designs to suit different tastes.

A distinctive feature of Charlie Banana diapers is their hybrid design, allowing parents to use either reusable or disposable inserts based on their needs. This versatility makes them popular among parents who prefer flexibility in diapering choices.

In addition to cloth diapers, Charlie Banana offers a selection of accessories – diaper liners, changing pads, wipes, and diaper bags, providing a comprehensive diapering system for parents.

The brand emphasizes the use of organic materials and strives to create products that are gentle on babies’ skin. Their diapers often incorporate organic cotton or bamboo lining for added comfort and absorbency.

7. Kinder Cloth Diapers

Kinder Cloth Diaper Co is a family-run cloth diaper brand based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The founders (Krystal & Gannon) found their way to the small business switching from graphic designers to diaper designers. They launched the Kinder brand in early 2021.

Since launch Kinder cloth diapers have been blowing it away with incredible artwork and collections.

The brand offers cloth diapers, diaper covers, inserts, and wet bags, all made with sustainable and safe materials.

Kinder diapers have all the features you really need: sturdy design & build, athletic wicking jersey instead of suede, and a double waist snap.

It’s also an advantage that this diaper system has an option to be sold without inserts, and it really puts you back in control of how you want to diaper your baby. Letting you choose the inserts and absorbencies ensures you have the best cloth diaper experience because inserts don’t work for everyone, and you should have options to choose from.

8. Green Mountain Diapers

Green Mountain Diapers brand is known for great products with quick and accurate in-house fulfillment and a site full of detailed information.

Green Mountain Diapers is a well-respected family-run business with history that started in 1998.

The brand is known for its high-quality prefold diapers, which are rectangular-shaped, multi-layered cotton diapers that require folding and fastening with pins or Snappi fasteners. These prefolds come in different sizes and thicknesses to accommodate babies at various stages of growth.

In addition to prefold diapers, Green Mountain Diapers offers other cloth diapering products such as diaper covers, cloth inserts, liners, and diapering accessories. They also carry wool covers, fitted diapers, and other related items suitable for diapering.

The brand emphasizes the use of natural fibers, particularly cotton, for their cloth diapers, promoting breathability, absorbency, and comfort for babies’ delicate skin.

9. Nicki’s Diapers

Nicki’s Diapers store provides a great selection of cloth diapers, including various styles such as pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, diaper covers, prefolds, fitted diapers, and things like inserts, liners, wet bags, cloth wipes, and diaper pails.

The brand carries products from a multitude of reputable cloth diaper brands, including their own Nicki’s Diapers brand, as well as other well-known names such as KangaCare, GroVia, Bumblito, Lalabye Baby, Lighthouse Kids, Smart bottoms. They often collaborate with these brands to offer exclusive designs and products.

10. Grovia

GroVia offers a collection of cloth diaper options, including all-in-one diapers, hybrid diapers, cloth diaper shells, cloth diaper inserts, and of course various accessories. Their diapers often feature adjustable sizing and versatile designs to fit different stages of a baby’s growth.

GroVia is known for its innovative developments, such as the hybrid diapering system that allows parents to use both cloth and disposable inserts in the same diaper shell.

Apart from cloth diapers, GroVia offers related products and accessories such as cloth wipes, diaper pails, wet bags, and natural baby care items, catering to the holistic needs of moms and dads practicing eco-friendly parenting.

11. SweetBottoms

Sweet Bottoms sells products from a set of reputable brands within the cloth diapers and natural parenting niche, including popular names such as GroVia, Thirsties, Buttons, Smart Bottoms, Lighthouse kids, and more.

At Sweetbottoms Baby, you’ll find the perfect option for every size and situation. This includes all-in-one (AIO cloth diapers), all-in-two (hybrids), pocket diapers, covers, washable prefold cloth diapers and inserts, and even reusable swim diapers.

They also had a nice newborn diaper rental program. Babies grow so quickly during the “newborn” months that some parents are reluctant to invest in natural cloth diapers they know baby will outgrow so soon. Unfortunately, it’s not working anymore.

Overall, moms are sharing that they had great shopping experiences with Sweetbottoms because of the good selection, fast shipping, and coupons they offer.

12. Etsy

On Etsy, you can find handmade and artisanal cloth diapers, as well as other stuff related to cloth diapering from small brands all over the world.

Etsy offers a range of diapering products made by independent sellers. Diapers often come in unique designs and may even be customized or personalized.

You can find various items such as diaper covers, diaper inserts, liners, wet bags, and cloth wipes, that complement cloth diapering.

To share a few products that I’ve found really interesting:

Some Etsy sellers offer patterns for making your own cloth diapers. So, if you’re a sewing mom check out cloth diaper sewing patterns on Etsy. They may inspire you on new handmade baby stuff endeavors.

13. EBay

The decision to buy used cloth diapers depends on your personal preferences, budget, and comfort level. If you’re comfortable with the condition of the used diapers and are diligent about sanitizing them properly, it can be a budget-friendly option for cloth diapering.

If you’re ok buying used, check the condition of the diapers thoroughly. Ensure there are no significant stains, tears, or damages that might affect their functionality. Wash them thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and consider a disinfecting step to ensure they are really clean.

14. Mercari

Actually, buying used cloth diapers on Mercari or any secondhand marketplace comes with both pros and cons.

Used cloth diapers typically come at a lower price compared to new ones, potentially saving you money.

Mercari might offer a variety of cloth diaper brands, styles, and accessories, providing options that might not be available new or elsewhere.

At the same time, used cloth diapers might have wear and tear, stains, or reduced absorbency. Elasticity in used diapers’ leg openings and the functionality of closures (snaps, hook-and-loop) might be compromised due to wear. Ensure you thoroughly examine the condition before purchasing.

Also, be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize any used cloth diapers before using them on your baby.

15. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be another great place where individuals sell various items, including cloth diapers. Similar to other online marketplaces, you can find both new and used cloth diapers listed for sale by private sellers in your local area or beyond. Finding sellers near your location makes it convenient for in-person inspections and pickups.

While Facebook Marketplace can be a convenient platform to find cloth diapers and other baby items, it’s essential to verify the quality, condition, and cleanliness of the diapers before finalizing any deals.

Wrapping Up: Where to Buy Cloth Diapers

In conclusion, this nice list of my favorite websites with the best choice of high-quality cloth diapers offers a range of options for parents seeking quality and confidence when looking for baby products.

If you are a seasoned cloth diapering enthusiast or even a newcomer to the world of sustainable parenting, these websites will provide you with a range of choices, reliable quality, and valuable information and resources for you to choose your perfect cloth diaper brand and enjoy caring for your precious humans in an eco-friendly way.

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